About Paper Pushers

With over 20 years of process service industry experience, you can be confident that the Paper Pushers Process team will handle your Collection, Eviction or any other document service with the utmost professionalism and respect for your individual requirements.


Paper Pushers Process Service works with lawyers, paralegals and other legal professionals, handling process serving and other investigative work all around the greater Puget Sound Region and Washington state.

We take pride knowing our work is done professionally, on time and with the utmost in discretion.


We handle the things for your law practice you don't have time to do, including:
• Process Service
• Evictions
• Collections
• Asset Verification
• Foreclosures
• Small Claims
• Family Law
• Court Filing and Legal Courier

Request a Process Service

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    Deadline Key:

    • TODAY: same day service
    • RUSH: 2 attempts within 2-6 days
    • ASAP: 3 attempts within 7-13 days
    • ROUTINE: at least 3-5 attempts with at least 14 days or more to affect service
    • DEDICATED: schedule a service appointment for your process server to be at a certain place at a specific time, good for cases when the location of the subject being served is only known for a short specific window of time (cost is usually 1.5 X TODAY rate)